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This course will demonstrate how ICS can be used to facilitate and coordinate the response of Law Enforcement to emergencies:

  • ICS is a model emergency incident management system. It is an all-risk, all agency system that is ideal for emergencies that require interagency cooperation.
  • ICS has been endorsed by the International Association of Chief of Police (IACP). It has also been adopted by the National Fire Academy and the American Works Association as a model for managing incident operations.
  • The Incident Command System has been adopted by the Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council, the Michigan State Police and the Northern Michigan Sheriffs Association.
  • The more complex an emergency becomes, the more likely it is that many agencies will respond. The responding agencies need a system to facilitate their cooperation.
  • There is a legal basis for using ICS. Federal laws require that ICS training be given.
  • channel control


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